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Three Iconic “Up” Moments

The pop earworm dropped a month ago and I still can’t get these three moments out of my mind. The reasons vary but the intensity is the same. I’m pretty sure that most of you will agree, regardless of how you feel about the actual track.

Speaking of the actual track; someone get this out of my head, please! I can’t stop singing it and I’m not even sure what it means.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

This image right here? Life, honestly.

I don’t know if it’s purposeful but it’s definitely poignant. The Lisa “Left-Eye Lopez is strong with this one and I fully appreciate it.

Then there’s this one:

I don’t want shout it from the rooftops or anything, but do barbie heads not trigger feelings of lying on a hot beach in Trinidad under the SHADE of a coconut tree?

Just me? Okay.

Last but not least. The opening shot.

Once again, no way of knowing if it’s intentional but the sight of red bottoms immediately put me in “Bodak Yellow” mode, hyping me for the single before the first line even left her mouth. Psychology or fashion preference? Both? Doesn’t matter. “Up” is stuck.

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