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Three Hip Hop Artists With Podcasts You Should Check Out

Whether you are up for a great story, a dialogue on current affairs, interviews or money discussions, podcasts are a great option. The success of this industry has sparked an interest in a number of musicians. The statistics of the industry shows why they would consider it in the first place. 

Edison Research and Triton Digital reported that there were 62 million podcasts listeners in 2019. The number of listeners in 2013 was 19 million. Oberlo has shared that 32 percent of Americans actively listen to podcasts. When it comes to advertising revenue, the podcast industry is positioned to earn $1 billion in 2021. These numbers show that the world of podcasts has huge potential.

Drink Champs by N.O.R.E and DJ EFN

In this podcast, N.O.R.E and DJ EFN pours up with popular entertainers and have discussions that always seem to turn out extremely entertaining. The show has featured Nas, Lil Wayne, Fabulous, Diddy, Master P as well as many celebrities.

The Joe Budden Podcast by Joe Budden 

In recent years, Joe Budden has been the center of much controversy or at least the initiation of controversy. If you are interested in his opinionated approach to criticizing musicians and their music, you will love this podcast.

People’s Party by Talib Kweli

This podcast features weekly interviews with popular guests. The topics discussed on the People’s Party include hip hop culture and politics. Talib Kweli is joined by his co-host Jasmine Leigh for entertaining and informative sessions.

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