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The Diss That Launched A Million WTFs

Not sure if you heard, but apparently Nick Cannon is a rapper, at least that’s what he wants us to believe.

In the most inexplicable move since anything dumb you can think of, the littlest firearm that could has decided to join the likes of MGK (another firearm, incidentally) in a woeful bid to tickle sleeping dragons.

MGK has talent. He gave it a good college try. Yet, he still (by sane people’s standards) was destroyed by the shadiest of slims. Which begs the question:

Who is Nick Cannon?

Sorry. Wrong question. I meant: Why Nicky, why?

The answer quite simply, is:

No one knows. Least of all Mr. Carey.

Perhaps it was a fit of suicidal optimism? Perhaps he simply wanted to reinvent the diss track structure a la RnB hooks and 47 thousand features. Perhaps he means some obscure rapper with a similar name, different spelling. Maybe he means actual M&M’s.

Whatever the case one thing is certain, barring a series of dominoed miracles, the only way Marshall of the Detroit Mathers could lose any part of this “fight” is by responding. Then he might lose energy.

In conclusion, wtf?

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