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Jay Isaacs
+ (1) 242-803-9220

Tour Administration

Toi Hanna
+(1) 242-465-4378


Shon Pennerman
+ (1) 242-525-2434


Lindsey Addawoo
+ (1) 647-232-9370

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If you are a DJ or Radio Station looking for new music, drops or artist interviews, please reach out.  If you are a venue or promoter looking for the best The Bahamas has to offer in R&B, Hip Hop and Reggae, book one of our artists today. Send an inquiry. If you are a fan wondering when a Savage 100 Artist will be performing in a city near you, let us know.

Savage 100 Headquarters

85 Soldier Road North
Nassau, NP, Bahamas
Phone: +(1) 242-803-9220