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J Cole in the NBA?

Your favorite rapper could very well end up being in the NBA if he lands a tryout with the Pistons and impresses the right people. Master P believes that J. Cole has a strong chance of making the NBA if he is able to impress the right people. Master P believes that this could end up in at least a 10-day contract in the league. 

While Master P is optimistic, reports are that some NBA players are not pleased with the conversations surrounding J. Cole’s tryout with the Detroit Pistons and the prospects of playing in the NBA. A tweet by Devonte Green has sparked some controversy and has faced much backlash from fans of J. Cole. Devonte tweeted “I would’ve considered being a rapper if I knew it got u free NBA tryouts”. About three hours later, Devonte Green tweeted again saying that there was no hate in his initial tweet. Nevertheless, social media users still attacked him for throwing shade at J. Cole.

Truth be told, J. Cole being in the NBA is not something that professional athletes are taking seriously at this time. If his skills are up to par, then we will see where the whole thing goes. Would you be excited about J. Cole as a baller? Or should he stick to the microphone?

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