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Militant Fyah

INSIGHT: A Look At Militant Fyah’s Debut Album

“Rastafari never lose.”

If there was one message Militant Fyah wanted to make crystal clear on his self-titled debut album, it’d be that whom Jah blesses, no man can curse.

Militant Fyah, produced by audio engineer Kevin “KWright” Cartwright and executive produced by Jay Michael Phoenix (at Nassau-based OEU Studios), is an ode to Rastafari everywhere.

Born in Nassau, but nurtured in Kingston, JA, Militant is no newbie to reggae culture. While he may be a newcomer in the music scene, his self-titled debut album reflects that of an old soul and longtime listener, appreciator, and student of life. It’s no wonder why he quickly caught the attention of Peter “Peetah” MorganofMorgan Heritage,one of the most prolific artists to come out of Jamaica.

Described as “a vibrant artist, [whose] sound has a lot of energy”, Morgan talks about the moving spirit behind Militant and his music as a force with “a bright future”.

And it’s true.

Throughout each track, Militant’s mantra, “the fire so militant” can be heard in both back and foreground vocals. The album is fraught with varying tempos of reggae, ranging from grassroots instrumentals to contemporary sounds. And quite unsurprisingly, considering Militant’smusical upbringing.

From themes of love and liberation to the legalization of weed to the ignition of the Black warrior spirit, he takes us on a conscious exploration of his experiences and journeys, and by the end of it, makes it abundantly clear why he’s that artist for right now, yes, but also that he’s soon to solidify his spot as an artist for the ages, as well.

The journey begins with “Switch“, a bold step forward in the name of reggae as the genre itself has taken on many different forms throughout history.

The singer-songwriter flawlessly sets the tone for the entire album, singing tales of diligence and humility as airy background vocals echo his raspy tone. “Switch” is followed by previously-released “Babylon Fall” and “Freedom”, two torchy singles both of which dropped earlier this year, earning him a whopping 160,000 plays over various music streaming services. “Freedom” was released withaccompanying visualsthat unarguably align with his overall message for the album: “Live up, ’cause it’s a freedom talk and a freedom walk and a freedom plot”. “Warrior” and “Hold Firm” follow suit, mirroring unapologetic – yet humble – anthems of spirituality and steadfastness, bringing Rastafari culture to the forefront (“Rasta man will never lose, Rasta man nuh afraid of bruise”).

Tracks “Take You There” and “Queen” (with the latter dedicated to his longtime empress whose background vocals can also be heard throughout the album) highlight the beauty in (Black) love(making) and the adoration of women. “Crazy” and “One Drop” take on more serious topics, like marijuana legalization (if you’re a reggae fan, you already knowhow integral this conversation is to the community),Black identity and “Babylon astrology”, while still maintaining an ultra-laid-back vibe. “I buss a likkle dance because I’m loving off the sound/a positive vibration when the herbs ah come around”.

His upbeat “Burn & Blow” hits with a heavier, upbeat, more “militant” sound, serving as a commentary on a “cash and flow” hustle mentality and how that can be broken. Militant turns heads with the pithy, rhetorical question: “Why dem killing all the youths and take dem innocence?” followed by critiquing the plight of those on both sides of oppression: “Them full of negativity, they no have no sense/Will I ah try fi show dem wisdom, dem too ignorant”.

Militant Fyah slows things all the way down by the end of the album, leaving us off “What Kind of World” and “Willie Lynch” falling in line with the overall theme. And as his fanbase continues to grow, we’re excited to hear more from this Savage.

Militant Fyah’s album can be found on all streaming services including Apple MusicSpotify, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio and more!

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