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Behind The Scenes

Savage 100 Executives

We are an independent record label focusing on hip-hop, R&B and Pop and the evolving fusion between Caribbean and mainstream music.

President/Senior A&R

Jay Michael Pheonix

Jay Michael Pheonix, a serial entrepreneur, is the man behind the brand. With a hands on and face forward approach to development, Jay is never the one to watch you crash and burn without offering a hand. Just don’t bite it.

Chief Financial Officer


Toi is Savage’s truly silent partner. As such, it might be a breach of my job description to tell you what she does. Forget I said anything. You never saw me…

Publishing Administration

PJ Douglas Sands

PJ Douglas Sands is a branding and media wizard with many irons in the fire. She is sharp, savvy, sassy and sweet. Perhaps too sweet to be Savage? Why don’t you test her and see?